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Q When mailing an envelope, the mter says "Over Limit" or asks for a zip code.
A This means your envelope weighs more than 13 oz. Per USPS requirements, any envelope or package weighing over 13 oz must be mailed Priority. This is not a problem with the scale. You must choose the proper service. Visit the Post Office to determine what service you need to use for the type of mail you are mailing. BMI Mail Systems will be happy to help you in navigating your meter, but it is up to you to learn which service you need to choose for YOUR type of mailing.

Q My meter is flashing "Service." What does this mean?

A Do you have a battery symbol at the top of your display? This means the battery in your meter is dying. Please contact BMI Mail Systems immediately at 866-274-0843. Take note of the remaining postage on the meter. A new meter will be shipped directly to you with instructions for set-up and adding postage to the new meter as well as a label and instructions for return. Once you return the old meter, your  postage account will be credited for the remaining postage on the old meter for future download.

Q When performing a teleset, I receive the Error Code C27/E27/C28. No postage is downloaded to my meter.

A The receiver line is busy. Please try again.

Q When perfoming a teleset, I receive the Error Code O#000223 Perform Postage Download (Postbase) or C150 (Ultimail).

A Have you run a teleset in the past 90 days? If not, first run a teleset for $0. Try to perform a teleset again. If you are using the Postbase system, you may also need to perform a Remote Services to up date the software. If this does not resolve the matter, please call BMI Mail Systems at 866-274-0843.

Q When downloading postage I receive Error Code E38.

A The meter is locked. This could mean you have no postage in your postage account. It could also mean FP has locked the meter for past due invoices or other reasons. Contact FP at 1-800-341-6052. Have your FP account number and the serial number of your meter handy.

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